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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  June 2, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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is standing by live in downtown dc. bruce, you have talked to both mark barnes, the owner and the police chief, and they don't seem to agree on what happened there. >> reporter: leslie, we all know this place. we have all been inside. it's very popular among celebrities, locally, nationally, local leaders have dined here, been entertained here. this comes as a surprise to a lot of people. maybe not to some others. but the police chief calls it a dangerous place because of an incident that happened here this past weekend, a one punch incident. on the other hand, the owner mark barnes says it wasn't that big of a deal, and he said he has his own emt on board, also has a security team that included two dc police officers off duty. >> what did you think when you saw the notice? >> reporter: lunchtime in downtown dc and the popular restaurant is decorated with signs from the police department. the park at 14th is closed for
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at least 96 hours. it's liquor license suspended. >> first and foremost, you have somebody serious apply injured inside the nightclub. >> reporter: chief lanier used her authority to shut the club down following the altercation that happened inside the restroom at 2:44 in the morning on may 3 31st. >> two gentleman, a single punch was thrown. >> reporter: mark barnes, owner of the park has a different take from investigators. >> we offered to call an ambulance several times. his friends wanted to call the ambulance, and i think his friends eventually did call an ambulance. >> reporter: barnes said a paid emergency medical technician on staff administered aid. >> we took him to customer care where we regularly take people. >> reporter: chief lanier says 911 should have been called, the incident reported to police. >> by the time that person wandered around front with his injury, it had to be transported to the hospital, and the officers became aware when we got inside the club the
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crime scene had been cleaned up. >> to say this operator tried to hide a simple one pinch, 5 second incident is outrageous. >> what reason, one punch, i'm not going to lose my license over one time. >> reporter: in the meantime, all the while the park is closed mark barnes is losing an awful lot of money, this club gets between a thousand and 1500 customers in here every day. >> they're going to google the park at 14th and what's going to come up. shut down, closed by the police department. >> reporter: you know, we should also point out that there are hundreds of cameras inside this establishment, although not in the restrooms of course. that one punch was not caught on camera. we're told there are a lot of witnesses and those people have been interviewed and will be interviewed further to talk about not just the punch, but what led up to that punch. here before the abc board could come as early as tomorrow. back to you guys. it appears we're getting a break from the muggies tonight.
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>> more showers could be heading our way. topper is tracking them right now. he's got doppler 9000. >> the good news, no thunderstorms, no heavy downpours, no watches, no warnings, that's good. that said, we have some areas of showers kind of filling in. montgomery county, southern frederick county. going up to 70 will be a little bit slow. friends to the south have been getting showers much of the afternoon. they have extended north into prince george's county. much of the activity is yellow and orange. they have been getting hammered into extreme southern maryland. we'll zoom up a little bit. this is just over the last hour or so. some showers and light rain, and drizzle, north of rockville, and gaithersburg up to frederick. going pout 97. george avenue, some showers there, wet roads, thus the yellow alert if you will. so the big news, really is the temperature change. it's 21 degrees colder than it
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was yesterday. we mentioned this in an early show. winter time we might have a cold front going through, drop temps 20 degrees or so in a 20 hour period. we'll come back, talk about why we issued a yellow alert tomorrow, and look ahead to the weekend. thank you top. we have new information for you about the young woman who was gunned down in a target parking lot in germantown. sade marie, adebayo was a grad known for her big smile and big heart. the man who killed her donald bricker jr. has a lengthy criminal history. andrea mccarren is live with the latest. >> if she knew about her ex- boyfriend's history, she did not share that information with her family. according to sources she may have reluctantly agreed to meet him in this parking lot yesterday evening after he threatened to harm himself over
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their recent break up. >> the graduation picture encompasses everything that she was, it shows her warm smile, her loving heart, her ambition, her goals, her dreams, everything is in that picture. >> a grief stricken family is in shock over the murder of 24- year-old sade marie, adebayo. she was a woman filled with joy and compassion who graduated from the university of maryland in 2013 with a degree in public health. >> it hurts to know that somebody went out of their way to kill her. >> reporter: before maryland, sade was a p student at seneca valley high school in germantown, and a member of the poms teams. a life of such promise, gunned down last night, allegedly by the man she dated for just six months. it's unclear whether sade knew donald bricker jr. had a criminal history. his background includes sex offense charges that landed him
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on maryland's sex offender registry and charges of failure to comply with a peace order along with destruction of property. ironically sade was supposed to meet with some family members last sunday to talk about how to handle her ex-boyfriend's increasingly threatening behavior. somehow, that meeting was canceled. report live from germantown andrea mccarren, wusa 9. thank you, and we want to remind everybody, tomorrow night, 8:30, there will be a vigil at seneca valley high school to remember sade. a barrage of gunfire sent dozens of folks running. this was the scene at 3:00 this afternoon. police on the scene say fortunately nobody was hit. the cops did arrest the suspected gunman just a short time ago. the suspect in those grizzly extortion murders in a dc mansion has been talking to a lawyer, but what he's saying is still a secret.
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robin ficker says he spoken with daron wint over the weekend. he does insist wint is innocent. >> they're holding him. they're holding his head on a pole thinking that he is going to finger the people that really did the killing but that's not going to happen because he doesn't know. >> on twitter, it was ficker taking heg him an baring clown, a silly goose and a childhood hero who let down his fans. tonight a prince george teenager is in hot water after a fight at school. the stabbing attack in frederick douglass high was caught on video and a 14-year- old has been charged and a 16- year-old was injured after that battle broke out just before 8:00 in the morning. prince george's county police say it was a pocket knife that was recovered. >> the victim's injuries at this time do not appear to be life threatening. the suspect is in custody.
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the weapon also has been recovered which is a pocket knife. there does not appear to be gang activity with this incident. it stemmed from an earlier dispute. >> investigators are reviewing the surveillance video captured by the security cameras as the investigation goes on. arlington police have released information about an incident earlier this month where police shot and killed a man. two officers went to the home of 54 alfredo rial torrez to investigate a disturbance. he hit one of the officers in the face with a metal pole. the officer tried to use his taser on him and hit his fellow officer instead. the tasered officer left the building. the first officer shot him three times and killed him. hope is fade to go find more survivors of a cruise ship that sank with hundreds on board. what the ship's captain told authorities when they slapped the cuff on him.
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also healed,. >> i'm andrea roane, a better way to deliver chemotherapy for a certain group of cancer patients. and keeping an eye on
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hope is fading fast for the hundreds of folks trapped on a ship that capsized in a storm in china. >> some of the survivors swam to shore as soon as the ship
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started to take on water. the boat was loaded with senior citizens and reportedly some of their young grandchildren. police have arrested the ship's captain and chief engineer who survived. they told authorities the ship sank so fast they did not have time for a distress call. several people are pretty banged up after this roller coaster crash north of london. crews rescued dozens of people after the ride full of people slammed into an empty ride. it's called the smiler and it's billed as the world's first roller coaster with 14 loops it. opened in may of 2013, two months later than scheduled after a series of glitches. >> wow, the smiler huh. threats that turned out to be hoaxes that targeted five commercial airlines today. none in our neighborhood. one was from a flight from san diego to philly. the plane landed safely at a remote location at the philly airport. passengers were led off the aircraft and a bomb squad
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climbed aboard to look around. eventually they gave the all clear. another cool and rainy night ahead. topper is up next with how tonight's yellow alert could impact your evening plans.
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in tonight's family health, the more effective way to treat family cancer. some specialized physicians are use ago complicated procedure to apply chemotherapy directly to trouble spots. >> andrea roane explains how how techie moe can bring lasting developments to patient. >> hypeca synonym for a procedure that involves tumor removal and delivers chemo into the cavity. >> the procedure itself has been developed and perfected over the last twenty years but has become more accepted, more studied in the recent years in the last five years. >> reporter: dr. lona bajelic is one of the few experts locally who performance this procedure. instead of delivering chemoin the vein it's placed in the abdomen cavity where the tumor is or where it has been
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removed. >> in this way we can achieve a high level of chemotherapy where we want and minimize the effect it has on the rest of the body. >> it typically is used for cancer that spread to the lining of the abdomen cavity that tend to start in the gastrointestinal tract. patients with ovarian and colon cancer qualify for the treatment as well if those cancers have spread. >> and yes, there have been a number of studies really all over the world that continue to show that the patients that are appropriate for this procedure can really benefit from it. >> reporter: andrea roane wusa 9. there are still only a handful of cancer centers in the u.s. that offer high-tech chemotherapy. fish were swimming in the streets of newark new jersey, a river spilled over the banks and out onto the roads and soon folks were struggling but the neighbors went into rescue mode. >> one guy had a rake.
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he was raking them down. and then another guy had a bucket, and i had the net and we chased them in there and released them. they come right back. >> okay. there were others that saw that, hey, you know, you can eat these things. people were using whatever they had on hand to grab them. one fellow tried to use an umbrella to scoop up fish. they said we're not falling for that, dude. you have to become a little stronger if you want to eat us. >> the water is looking a little gross. >> once you fry them up, though, that's all taken care of. >> fry them? >> as long as you weren't swimming with the fishes. then you're okay. right? >> right. >> yeah. >> right. >> yeah, man. that was a good sell. >> is your mike on. >> it's on here. i don't know if it's on there. >> we can hear you. >> should i repeat any funny long, as long as you're not swimming with the fish. the 3-degree guarantee, this was a tricky forecast. we mentioned this yesterday, probably will be a midnight
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high. that's what it is, whatever the highest temperature is during the 24 hours at national. so we went 7 it for today. we talked about 60s because temps are going to fall all day. live look outside. our live michael and son weather cam. it's pretty cool. 62. 90 this time yesterday. dew points in the 50s. that's comfortable. the reason the humidity is so high is the air temperature is so close to the dew point. still pretty comfortable air mass. rest the ac for a while, winds out of the northeast at ten. here's the radar and it's kind of filled in a little bit over the last 45 minutes. nothing heavy. it's all green but that's just light rain. montgomery county, even into allow den county, sneaking up a little bit into charles county and also into southern prince george's county. a little bit of red, mechanicsville, heavy rain. see the red, the orange. it's kind of moving in up 301 toward upper marlboro. showers are moving essential
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north, northwest. much to wet the roads and slow you down. chantilly, light rain, and for our friends out into upperville, as you go route 50. you can still take a jog this evening, though. just light showers, nothing crazy heavy. nothing severe. bust out temperatures in the 50s. you'll still need the umbrella tomorrow and maybe a jacket. wednesday will be cool and damp again. nothing heavy. thursday will be milder with a few showers, and then friday will be warmer with a few thunderstorms. but not wash out days. we did issue a yellow alert for tomorrow because of the rain and showers for both commutes. but 9:30, 10:00 tonight, a couple sprinkles around, mainly clouds and upper 50s to low 60s. pretty cool. by early morning. not much in terms of rainfall. temperatures low 60s. mid-50s to upper in the suburbs. 9:00, a couple showers to the south, by lunchtime, hit or miss showers in i-66 and montgomery county. nothing heavy tomorrow. just not the prettiest day in the world.
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low 60s. 64 at 1:00. that's it. now, the next three days, milder on thursday with showers, low 70s and warmer on friday with showers, perhaps the thunderstorm but back to 80. next 7 days, nats on 9 friday and saturday, too. sunday we'll keep it dry. upper 80s on monday. a few more storms. heat returns with isolated afternoon storms. nats have a double header today. >> wasn't the greatest weather of course for anything. >> but they got it in. >> they got it in and it didn't seem to affect them. they're focused on getting back on the winning side and went out and did it. we'll look at datoy's game against the blue
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. now, wusa 9 game on sports with kristen berset, brought to you by xfinity. >> just days after being reelected for a fifth term, sepp blatter has announced he will resign as president of fifa. it's being reported blatter is a subject of an investigation as part of an ongoing corruption scandal. blatter was reelected after 7 officials were arrested on charges of racketeering, wire fraud and money laundering. he will continue his duties until a new election happens, which could be sometime at the end of this year or early next year. here's blatter today explaining why he's stepping down and this is through a translator. >> although the members of fifa have given me the new mandate, have reelected me president, this mandate does not seem to
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be supported by everybody in the world of futbol. supporters, clubs, players, those who inspire life in futbol. >> all right. when you fall off the horse, sometimes it's best to get right back in the saddle. the nationals were hoping to do that yesterday but mother nature had other plans, so today the nats get two chances to right the ship. game two is tonight at 7:05, with matt ser sur, jordan zimmerman owned mound. -- scherzer, jordan zimmerman on the mound. scores from 3rd. nats win, 2-0: and after the game, matt williams on zimmerman's outing today. >> he was in command from the first pitch, and you know, throwing it where he wanted to, and you know, early on he was keeping his pitch count down which allowed him to go deeper, too. so i don't know where he ended
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up, 105, it's really good for 8 innings. >> from the pro's, now the maryland terrapins have their eye on the prize. they survived a west coast trip against ucla to reach 42 wins and keep rolling along in the post season. former line backer, shaun merryman was there to pump up the team. center fielder lamont wade had one heck of a regional, a couple home run, outfield assist against ucla and another one last night here to keep the game scoreless. that play was huge because maryland was up 1 in the 9th 9th with the tieing run on third when kevin moony strikes out daryl miller jr. looking to end the game. the terps are headed back to the super regional in a rematch against virginia. and we're just days away from the races at belmont and a very possible triple crown. derby and preakness winner
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american pharoah arrived at belmont, if he wins he would be the first triple crown winner since affirmed in 1978. we have gotten so close so many years, but this horse looks really good. >> one of the few times a year when a lot of folks who know nothing about horse race say i'm going to watch that. >> fastest 2 minutes in sports. >> it goes by fast. we have a little bit of time before we get out of here. >> just light showers this evening. not a huge deal. no flooding. more of the same tomorrow, and milder by the end of the week. >> that is it for us. the cbs evening news is next. and we'll be back in 30 minutes for your only local news at 7:00. have a nice evening. we'll see you then.
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>> rose: a terror suspect is shot dead in boston after allegedly lunging at a cop and an f.b.i. agent with a knife. also tonight the jury hears james holmes describe step by step how he carried out the movie theater massacre. the most powerful man in the world's biggest sport abruptly resigns as so,'s bribery scandal grows. and two american heroes awarded the nation's highest military honor nearly a century after they earned it. >> but it's never too late to say thank you. >> rose: good evening. scott is on assignment. i'm charlie rose. we begin tonight with a fatal shooting on the streets of boston. the dead man was a terror suspect who had bee


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